Unique and controversial play about love

Are we still able to really connect with our deepest desires and with each other? Has the digital era made us colder, even robotic?

Love can be a battle

Love between the people can be a battle. In the digital era of today, where we can “connect” through the touch of a button and...

Unable to hate and unable to love

In a world where being seen and heard signifies dominance, is there a power in remaining...

Deeper meaning of life and love

We set out on a journey of Good Love to find a deeper meaning of life, love and human connection.


Enigma Theatre would like to invite you to see Good Love, a play inspired by August Strindberg's seminal work - The Stronger.
Play will take place both in The New Theatre in Dublin and online, streamed through internet to reach audiences at every home in Ireland.

We set out on a journey of Good Love to find a deeper meaning of life, love and human connection. Incorporating stories from our past with our present, our journey is unpredictable, non-linear, absurd yet deeply universal, it gives us a lot of satisfaction and opportunities to grow..

“Your journey is toward the instant, to the moment, toward the unrepeatable encounter before your peers. Your journey is toward them, toward their heart, toward their subjectiveness. You travel within them, in their emotions, their memories that you awake and mobilise. Your journey is vertiginous, and nobody may measure or silence it. Nor may anybody recognise it to the right extent, it is a journey through the imagination of your people, a seed that is sown in the most remote of lands: the civic, ethical and human conscience of your spectators.” Carlos Celdrán

Our Team

Karolina Szemerda
Director / Writer
Clara Mallon
Assistant Director
Susan Bracken
Barry John Kinsella
Maria Sotiropoulou
Katerina Kantsou
Movement Director
Louis Buggy
Graphic Designer
Marcin Natorski
Ehis John
Costume Design Support
Camilla Casella
Make-up Artist
Claudia Lamantea
Costume Designer and Stage Designer
Katya Solomatina
Model Maker
Méabh Charlton Phelan
Pamela McQueen
New Play Dramaturg
Artur Banaszkiewicz
Supporting Producer
Pavel Czarnowski

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You can see this exemptional play from 21st-25th May 2019

'Good Love' streamed online!

  • Apr, 12

    We are on Fundit.ie – your help is much appreciated!

    We would like to break a technological barrier delivering live online streaming of an original play. By injecting innovation and technology, we want to revolutionise how art is consumed and question the traditionally limited access to life-changing performances.  We are asking you to support this innovation in arts to bring world-class performance to Irish homes […]

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    Feb, 14

    ‘Good Love’ Online

    Theatre is a country in itself. Enigma Theatre is a multicultural home for artists in Ireland. It is a place that presents theatre artists of international stature in avant-garde alternative and unconventional works. We would like to invite everybody to watch our play online. It is a very unique and innovative idea to enable our […]

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