Love can be a battle

Love between the people can be a battle. In the digital era of today, where we can “connect” through the touch of a button, and control our lives like never before, we need to ask how this is effecting our relationships in love. When controlling a human being isn’t an option, is there another way to gain a sense of power? Mrs X, Mrs X’s husband or Miss Y – who is the strongest in Good Love?

Good Love.. is coming

“And why are you always silent, silent, silent? I used to think it was because you were strong; but perhaps it was just that you had nothing to say. Because your head was empty! Listen, if you are so weak and empty, then you must feel everything less strongly, suffer less, less and less.” –  Good Love

Enigma Theatre is presenting Good Love in The New Theatre in May 21st-25th (5 evening performances from Tuesday to Saturday @7:30pm and 2 matinees (Wednesday @1pm and Saturday @2:30pm).